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2 North Riverside Plaza, #1400
Chicago, IL, 60606
United States


Rivet is a smart audio creation and distribution company. Our platform is state-of-the-art, combining award-winning interactive media content, voice technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable you to get your stories heard everywhere. 


What we do

Rivet creates smart audio content for media and business organizations. We create Flash Briefings, Alexa Skills, Google Actions, Podcasts, News On Hold.

Simply put, Rivet creates smart audio content for media and business organizations.

The audio content spans news, podcasts, and marketing communications. Each rivet includes an audio data file and associated metadata files such as images, video, headlines, scripts, key words, geographic relevance and time. The combination of the audio file and the additional metadata files is what makes our content “smart audio.”

Flash Briefings and Alexa Skills

Smart Speaker adoption is growing at a faster rate than the early days of smartphones.

Get your news heard when someone asks, "Alexa, what's in the news?" Need content? Or skill development? We have you covered. 

Amazon Echo

 2018 Edison Research

2018 Edison Research

Branded Podcasts

Branded podcasts convert avid listeners into buyers. The key is understanding your audience and how your brand can interact with them in a way that resonates and matters to their everyday lives, creating a deeper connection than possible in a 30-second ad.

Branded podcasts provide a valuable, extended, one-on-one connection with listeners. Add to that the meteoric rise of smart speakers and it’s easy to see why brands are turning to podcasts as a personal way to engage their audiences. 

News On Hold

News On Hold

Reduce call abandonment, increase productivity and revenue.

Rivet’s bite-sized stories make it easy for customers to stay informed while they are waiting to be connected with another party.

Conference Calls: News On Hold provides fresh national and world news content that will make them want to dial-in early and stay on until the call begins.

Contact Centers: News On Hold will keep customers informed and entertained while waiting to speak with an agent, which can lead to positive customer service relationships and increase customer loyalty.

Office Phones: Engage customers with short, interesting news stories that will enhance their wait time.