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Rivet is a smart audio creation and distribution company. Our platform is state-of-the-art, combining award-winning interactive media content, voice technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable you to get your stories heard everywhere. 

How To Optimize Hold Time With Tailored News

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How To Optimize Hold Time With Tailored News

Terri Lydon

In our first blog, we found that some personality styles are more likely to wait longer than others when put on hold. The committed Advisor is more likely to wait on hold longer because it strengthens their position of being in the right and that the company is handling its customers wrong. On the other hand, an Organizer may be more likely to hang up right away because they can’t plan for an undetermined hold time; they have a schedule to keep.

We also know that Rivet Smart Audio has found that “compared against music or silence, callers stay on hold up to 23% longer with Rivet News On Hold.” Using advanced voice technology and artificial intelligence, Rivet’s hold time solution of news can reduce abandonment while increasing productivity, revenue and customer loyalty.

As we think about that, how can we take it a step further and infuse personality into hold time through news, infotainment and targeted promotions to keep callers engaged? Even without breaking it down to the individual level, you can still think about your general audience. Based on demographics and what you know about the personality styles, think about the type of content your audience would be interested in and how they want to consume it. With changes like this, we would expect the overall experience to be that much better as callers make their determination that they are appreciated by this company.

Here are some ways you can think about hold time content and your customers:

Organizers (25% of population)

Logical planners who focus on the “how” of a situation. During hold time, the Organizer would prefer to hear news presented in a consistent, factual, and organized fashion. Something more akin to the Nightly News vs TMZ. Giving them some sort of time structure while they’re on hold lets them know what to expect, too.

Connectors (30% of population)

Warm, sensitive, and compassionate individuals attuned to their relationships with others. A Connector would like to hear feel-good news and positive stories that center around people and read in a friendly tone. Anything that gets across the idea that people are the focus will help them feel that the company will treat them as a person, not a number.

Advisors (10% of population)

Conscientious, look for respect, and focus on the “why.” News stories that focus on justice, loyalty (but not loyalty to the company they are calling – that seems a little slick) and doing the right thing are likely more appealing to an Advisor. They are also often interested in periods of history and in traditions which represent commitment to things that are important.

Originals (20% of population)

Creative, unique, and fun individuals with a casual way of speaking. Originals are easily engaged by fun facts and goofy news stories. If a story is playful and stimulating, an Original is likely to respond well and stay entertained while they wait.

Keeping customers engaged and on the line is important. We believe that when giving them a new way to connect with a brand while they wait on hold, there is a big opportunity for those customers to accomplish more than just the reason they called and have greater personal alignment with and affinity for that organization.