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Rivet is a smart audio creation and distribution company. Our platform is state-of-the-art, combining award-winning interactive media content, voice technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable you to get your stories heard everywhere. 

Blog Posts

'Podcasting is the New Radio'

James VanOsdol

As the value of podcasting continues to become more obvious, I moderated a panel on the topic ("Podcasting is the New Radio") at this year's CIMMfest (Chicago International Music & Movies Festival).

"Podcasting is the New Radio" certainly isn't an original name or thought, but it is one that continues to increase in meaning. My panelists were current and former terrestrial radio talents: Jimmy "Mac" McInerney (Rebel Force Radio), Abe Kanan (Abe Kanan: On Hold) and Jaime Black (Dynasty Podcasts).


All three have had the experience of talking on huge megawatt radio stations, but went into podcasting because they felt there was legit opportunity there. That opportunity means different things to them, as it does to anyone jumping in. Depending on perspective and goals, podcasting can offer the chance to take ownership of a topic, position or angle, or a way to accelerate one's individual brand.

The panelists agreed that one of the most important things to consider in the life of a show is knowing when to "audible" and blow stuff up that isn't working. That's consistent with my own experience, mentioned on this blog last year ("when your audience is small, it’s okay to take chances, chase ideas and keep an open mind.  Keep stretching out until you find your place").

We also talked about ideal episode length. In an attendee-captured Twitter video, Jaime Black gives his opinion.

(And yes, I wish more audio and video was captured at the event.)

One piece of advice they all agreed on: If you want to podcast, do it. Try it. Experiment. The barriers of entry have never been lower. Record on your phone. Try a free-level hosting service. The opportunity is there.