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Rivet is a smart audio creation and distribution company. Our platform is state-of-the-art, combining award-winning interactive media content, voice technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable you to get your stories heard everywhere. 

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Tips to make your podcast successful: An interview with Orbit Media's Andy Crestodina

James VanOsdol

What steps can you take to elevate your podcast? To help answer that question, we turn to Andy Crestodina, co-founder of Orbit Media in Chicago. Andy's a web strategist, author and marketer whose insights are must-reads for anyone in the digital space.

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All guests are not created equal

James VanOsdol

When it comes to booking interview guests, conventional wisdom says to book the person most conversant on the topic you're covering. But what if there are a few guests who can get the job done? Who should you chase? If all guests are equal on the surface, look at them from a marketing angle: Who will help you make the biggest splash? It's almost always going to be the person who's most active on social media.

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Interview style tips

Charlie Meyerson

The key to a successful interview on Rivet is to ensure it fights for its audience's attention -- that it's engaging from the first word, so listeners get right up front a reason not to skip. That means standing features, like a show's name, or a theme song, or an underwriting or sponsorship message, should be delayed until after those most interesting words (maybe including a highlight sound-bite from the interview to come.) But once you have the audience's attention, how do you keep it? How do you keep the interview moving and engaging? You'll find as many different approaches as you'll find hosts. But here's an approach that's served me well over the years, adapted from a blog post for my journalism students.

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