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Rivet is a smart audio creation and distribution company. Our platform is state-of-the-art, combining award-winning interactive media content, voice technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable you to get your stories heard everywhere. 

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Outlining content

James VanOsdol

When you voice content, make every effort to not sound like you’re reading. That holds true whether you’re voicing news, conducting an interview or hosting a talk show. Broadcasting can be a very intimate experience; it’s just you and the listener. Because of that, you want to be yourself every time you crack open a microphone. Instead of scripting out every word, try working with an outline. Know which points you want to hit, and use them as a guide throughout your recording. The second you feel a topic or idea start to fade, jump to the next position on the outline.

Craft your outline to fit your style. For reference, here's how an outline for a talk show about music might look:

  1. Tease highlights of what's to come (interview with band, headline highlights, discussion topic)
  2. Show intro/summary ("This is the Music Show, your home for music conversation")
  3. Sponsorship info ("This week's show is brought to you by Subway. Eat Fresh.")
  4. This week's headlines
    1. Artist #1 breaks sales record
    2. Artist #2 arrested
    3. Artist #3 kicks off tour
    4. Review of Artist #4 concert
  5. Set up interview with band
    1. Question #1
    2. Question #2
    3. Question #3
    4. Question #4
  6. Topic for debate
  7. promote social media accounts
  8. Tease what's happening next week
  9. Close